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  • PRO 7 Silo Bags are made of a seven-layers of Blown extruded technology with various polymers to achieve the best quality Silo Bags (polyethelene) about 180-250 micron.
  • The outer layer is white with UV protective coating while the inner layer in contact with the grain is black.
  • The diameter of 8-10 feet and Length of 60m, 75 m up to 90 m can be produced.
  • Every Bag is folded with an automatic folding machine.


  • Pro 7 Silo Bags are Ideal to store products like Wheat, Maize, Sorghum, Soybean,  Paddy, Barley, Sunflower seeds, Millets, Cottonseeds, dried fruits, wood chips, fertilizers Oats, Fodder Hazelnut and other grain product.
  • Pro 7 Silo Bags should be sealed when grains / other materials are filled. Thus the available oxygen is consumed by grains and then produces an atmosphere rich Co2. This will prevent the development and reproduction of fungus and Insects inside Silo Bag.
  • As the bag is airtight/sealed environment, anything alive (insects, bacteria, the grain) consumes the limited oxygen in the bag and expels carbon dioxide.
  • Usually, within 10 days, the oxygen volume in the bag drops from 20% to 3% and CO2 volume rises from 0% to 17%. Thus the bag will become anaerobic and provides free from FUNGUS and INSECTS.
  • By using a specially designed machine-like Grain Bagging machine and De – Bagging machine grains or other materials are loaded and unloaded from Silo Bags.


  • Lower initial investments
  • Scientific bulk storage and Economic solution as compared to underground bunker storage or Metal Silos and can be stored in an open field.
  • Quality and quantity remains intact the same during the storage period
  • Long- term storage solution and No fumigation required ( Up to 18 months)
  • Silo Bag hermetically sealed storage system which perpetually produces 17% of carbon dioxide within 30 days, thus inhibits any kind of insect and microbiological. The bag is airtight, therefore chemicals are not normally required to control insects
  • Silo Bag has been tried and tested under weather conditions of – 20 degrees C to +55 degree C in various countries.

Rishi FIBC Solutions Pvt Ltd.

  • Rishi FIBC Solutions Pvt Ltd. provides fully Integrated World Class Facility for FIBC, Woven & LDPE container liners, flexitanks,  Silo bags, Specialty barrier films, BOPP bags and more.
  • Quality and Hygiene is the foremost in our mind. It is our mindset that has made us FIBC bag manufacturer of choice the world over.
  • We have been awarded a number of prestigious certificates based on our service and production ability like BRC rating ‘AA’, ISO – 9000, 14000, 22000, AIB and more.
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